Coming from the LA area, song artist SEB has recently released a new music video in honor of his dearly missed grandfather. Directed by Shy Louise, and out now from Mom+Pop, “daniel*” was inspired by the writing of those such as Joni Mitchell and Curt Cobain, as well as the production quality of Tyler the Creator and Grimes. This track is the opener to SEB’s EP, IT’S OKAY, WE’RE DREAMING, and focuses on what it is like to constantly have a departed family member occupying your thoughts, and influence the perspective of the world around you.

Posted to YouTube on August 24, 2021, SEB begins by telling his audience a story from his childhood before featuring the actual song. He tells us of how when he was three years old, he wanted to drink coffee like his grandfather. To solve this, SEB’s grandmother would take a warm cup of milk and put only a spoonful of coffee inside of it, as to not actually give a child a full cup of coffee. This showcases the true impact that SEB’s grandfather had on him, and we see this again through the lyrics and visuals of the music video. Featuring lines such as “and you said I’ll be fine, but I miss you all the time,” the visuals of “daniel*” come from the perspective of the actual cameraman, as the audience can see the camera and the pictures its recording. SEB is seen traveling to and experiencing different landscapes, and it creates the message that even though he continues to live his life and pursue his own goals, his grandfather and the influence he had on SEB will never be forgotten, no matter where in the world SEB is located.

“My grandfather always had faith that I was meant to do something with my life. It’s so dope I got to start that journey by having his name be the first song on my first project, hopefully he’s able to hear the song whenever anybody plays it.”


“daniel*” is a beautiful reminder to cherish those you love dear. After watching the video, I suggest sending your loved one a text, and emphasizing the message of how much they mean to you.

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