SEB, a Cool Artist to Add to Your Queue

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SEB brings a fresh feel with his chill music. He’s been releasing singles fairly consistently over the past two years. All have sad boy vibe with a sound fusing lo-fi, r&b, and hip-hop with simple, pretty guitar melodies. I’d almost compare him to Two Feet to some capacity.

egg mcmuffin” is his latest single, and we’ve featured it on our Nü Qü playlist, along with a few other newer tracks including “i dont wanna move” and “look back for me.” Definitely keep your eye on this guy; he’s got a cool minimalist brand aesthetic we can get behind.

My favorite track by him so far is “hope to live and die in la,” which we’ve also featured on Nü Qü previously. It’s every cool kid’s summer anthem. This song captures the essence of living in la, the way of life being incredibly laid back and a place where time seems to stand still, especially on the beach.

His music is available on all streaming platforms.

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