Blink-182 Say What Everyone’s Thinking in Punky New Single “Quarantine”

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I’m sure it’s fairly obvious that the months we’ve spent quarantining have gotten on everyone’s nerves, especially musicians. Blink-182 is no exception, and they just gave us a little bit of an anthem for our time in isolation.

Escaping from the poppier sound from their last album “Nine,” Blink’ cut to the chase and express their hatred for the current pandemic and all the chaos it has caused in the world.

Despite being one helluva bummer of a summer, the song puts a positive feel on life in 2020 and reminds us all that everyone is in the same boat and unifies the listeners during the current struggle we’re facing. Even though Blink-182 is stating the obvious, it’s nice to have the feelings of pretty much the entire world put into words over a fast-paced, punk song!

Go give it a listen on all streaming platforms!

-Luke Brooks @luckylukephotos/@luckylukeph0t0s on Instagram

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