Sam Smith and Kim Petras Collaborate to Release Earthshattering Single, “Unholy”

GRAMMY ®️ award-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith and the critically acclaimed fireball superstar Kim Petras teamed up to unapologetically blab about married men living double lives in their latest release, “Unholy”—scandalous! The power duo did not hold back in serving fans a club-appealing, bass-booming track dressed in an indelible hook and delicious vocals.

“Unholy” addresses a married man living a lifestyle distinct from the one he lives at home with his wife and kids. Using his phenomenal vocals and range, Sam calls out the “daddy” living a sinful lifestyle by escaping to the “body shop.” The lyrics refer to the wife as a “lucky girl”— not a hit at her but more at “daddy.” While the wife probably thinks her “hard-working” husband is working hard at the job that pays the bills, he’s going to a strip club to have a little fun while his wife is home taking care of the house and kids.

“Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot at the body shop doin’ somethin’ unholy,” Sam and Kim sing.

Ironically, a body shop is where people shop for car parts to put on their vehicles. The song refers to the strip club as a body shop because he’s paying for a “great time” with the dancers. You can’t help but enjoy the wordplay going on in the track!

When Kim jumps in with her verse, she tells the tale from the dancer’s perspective, calling her happy customer “daddy.” It’s quite something how the subject of the song can be “daddy” by day and “daddy” by night.

“Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh, he left his kids at Ho-ee-oh-ee-ome.”

Overall, “Unholy” is an invigorating tune! It’s different from some of Sam’s songs like “How Do You Sleep,” “Diamonds,” “Too Good At Goodbyes,” or “Stay With Me,” but it’s still the quaint tune you would find yourself dancing to. Plus, the sultry track radiates its contagious “boss” vibes! “Unholy” is the lead song on Sam’s upcoming fourth album.

Listen to “Unholy” right now!

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