Sade Fox’s “Smaller Mess” Is A Stripped Back Triumph

Courtesy of Sade Fox

Smaller Mess is a song about uncertainty. The feeling of a friend calling you with news you don’t really know what to do with, and having to keep living anyway.

Sade Fox on “Smaller Mess”

Known for their evocative voice and intrinsic storytelling capability, Sade Fox has made some indie buzz with their newest self-titled EP, Smaller Mess. Compiled of anthems such as “Pompeii” and “That One Night I Swam With Noah” (which we covered here at Glasse Factory), the single we will focus on is the beautifully crafted “Smaller Mess.” A thought-provoking narrative guided by Fox’s hopeful vocals, this single is a journey that you need to experience for yourself.

You got yourself out of that town

And it’s a smaller mess when you look from far away

Give yourself my best, tell her I love her anyway

“Smaller Mess” Lyrics – Sade Fox

As we fade into the mix, impactful resonance immediately comes to play with Sade Fox’s arpeggiated guitar, synth, and singing. All blissfully soaked in reverb, these instruments (particularly the synth and guitar) provide ambiance to the track, creating an aura of comfort that soothes the audience as they listen. With a stripped-back approach, all eyes lay on Sade Fox’s enormous yet, tender vocals, which further expand with the addition of double-tracked harmonies. Enveloping a wall of sound first heard at the 0:59 mark, these backup vocals put Sade Fox’s lyrics on a grand display. Vivid in its description, the poetry conveyed is beautiful and somber, recounting the true story of a troubled time in a close friend’s life. With the protagonist trying and failing to connect with their emotionally distant companion, the most they can do is give their best… and through this single, they clearly did.

Currently, out now, you can listen to “Smaller Mess” here. For more news, be sure to keep up to date with Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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