Redefining Dream Pop: The Masterpiece of Storytelling in Sade Fox’s “That One Night I Swam With Noah”

Released today, “That One Night I Swam with Noah” follows the concept that the most beautiful things for one person can be something else entirely for another. The track comes from Sade Fox, a non-binary artist based in New York, who is known for writing songs to come to terms that they are a human being. This follows releases such as their debut album Hello, Hello in 2020, and more recently, a meaningful single titled “Pompeii” last April.

The single tells the story of a shooting star enjoyed by two friends lying by a lake, but on that asteroid up above, a little boy’s world is burning up. “That One Night I Swam With Noah” is unpredictable in all of the best ways, grabbing your attention and firmly holding on to it for its entire runtime. Its consistent otherworldly vibe is outstanding and feels nostalgic in a way, reminding you of cherished memories spent on a cool and peaceful evening. From sparkling bells, to gorgeous vocals performed by Fox, to a heart wrenching tale told in a breathtaking manner, “That One Night I Swam With Noah” is an absolute goldmine for fans of dream pop looking for a refreshing experience like no other. It’s honestly hard to explain why this song is so good in words, so I deeply recommend giving the track a listen and appreciating the artistry for yourself.

“That One Night I Swam With Noah” is also available on Spotify, and for more of Sade Fox, they can also be found on Instagram.

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