Royal & the Serpent opens for Grandson with a full-house in Nashville, TN

I haven’t been to an alt rock show in longer than I had realized when I arrived to Royal & the Serpent’s opening show for Grandson, yet I’m so glad I went. For those who might not know her, Royal is the next big thing in the alt-rock scene landing set spots on massive festivals such as When We Were Young, Bottlerock, and many, many more. She’s dominated the scene in partnership with Atlantic Records, and I’d be shocked if, while you might not know her yet, you haven’t heard one of her hit singles such as overwhelmed and i can’t get high. In addition to her own success, she was selected to remix GAYLE’s hit single abcdefu – which was awesome to see.

For those who are looking for an introduction, let us introduce you to the young talent!

Full of energy and an attitude ready for a fight, Royal’s set was really, really unique for the alt scene. Her live sound made me feel reminiscent of early 2000s pop-rock, but didn’t make me feel like I was in the past. I truly don’t know how to describe it other than a unique experience. Her voice is unlike any I have heard before, with a pitch and snarl that somehow hits the ear in a very flattering way. When she is singing by traditional standards, she has a beautiful voice, and when she brings out a little bit of her rage it still is just something so new and fresh. In addition to sounding great, you can watch her music take over her as she whips herself around on stage – making it clear the music is commanding her instead of the other way around. I always love to see artists like this, because I feel as if it’s them being their most authentic self in reflection of their creations. Safe to say, if Royal comes to a city near you, be sure to check out the show.

Royal & the Serpent by Alex Mars

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Alex Mars Editor
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