Rock and metal is an awesome genre because it’s so expressive and relatable when it comes to just about anything. What I love the most is when there’s a song that mirrors the good feelings you have when it comes to a relationship. So here is a list of great rock and metal songs that will make you feel great about your other half on this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, enjoy this list of great love songs. If, however, you’re a bit lonely this year in V-Day, check out the list HERE if you have bad feelings about today or are spending it alone.

Without further delay, here’s the list!

Anna – The Menzingers

Somehow The Menzingers make a love song a tear-jerker. This song is for those people who are in a long distance relationship or have a partner that is always on the road, possibly for work related things. It’ll make you miss that person but in a way that will make you look forward to seeing them soon and help you push through the time away.

Every Thug Needs A Lady – Alkaline Trio

This tune right here is one of those things that make you embrace some of the cheesiness of relationships. The whole “dancing in the kitchen in the middle of the night” cliché is apparent in this song and I love it. Pop this song on and it’ll make you embrace and appreciate every valuable moment you share with that special someone, even the quiet nights together.

Best I Am – Flaw

Here we are with a song whose main theme explores wanting to be the best person you can for a certain someone. You may notice that Flaw is also in the other list of songs for people who don’t like Valentine’s Day, but that’s because they make extremely relatable music. If you’re trying your hardest for somebody and making your relationship the best you can be, then this song is for you.

Sextape – Deftones

For this one, you’re gonna have to go on your own to and read the lyrics and annotations… I can’t do it here. Draw your own conclusion.

Only One – Yellowcard

Yellowcard seems to have written a heartfelt ode directed straight towards a certain someone that I think can work with any relationship where both parties love and care for each other a lot. It’s a simple message but it says a lot, stating that the person in question is the only person they need and there’s no worry about ever losing that sparks that unites them, even when things may get tough.

Want You Bad – The Offspring

Here’s a funny one. Feel free to send this to that partner of yours if you’re trying to subtly send a message. The theme of this song pretty much says they wish their partner was a bit freakier when it comes to certain things and he goes on about the specifics of what he means. It’s sweet in a little weird way, but if this song describes exactly what you want then hey, you’re into what you’re into. Who am I to judge?

After Midnight – blink-182

Here we are with blink-182 writing a song about not wanting valuable time to ever end with that special someone. It exaggerates that cliché of sneaking out at night in the middle of summer and running around town just boyfriend and girlfriend making memories. It’s safe to say that everyone wants this or has wanted this at some point in their life, and this track really helps bring that to life.

Josie – blink-182

With this classic blink-182 song, he goes on about all the things he loves about his girlfriend. Bringing him Mexican food, driving him home when he’s too drunk to drive, not getting jealous when he hangs out with the guys, and other explicit things, it really simplifies what love is all about to most guys. And for that I think it’s beautiful. It’s straight to the point it helps express why exactly guys love who they love, because sometimes we just can’t express it ourselves.

You Had Me at Hello – A Day to Remember

This song talks about finding someone who takes your breath away feeling of wanting to start something new person who left such an impact on you. In more-so dabbles in the realm of the beginning stages of a relationship and why you got hooked.

Higher – Creed

Once again, this song may not be explicitly about love, however one can argue that this song could be used as such. To some, this song can reference a person who is uplifted by a special person and they’re taken to a higher place. A bit of a reach?

Like I said, I hope y’all have a Happy Valentine’s Day today and as well as all future V-Days. These songs should help you express yourself when it comes to relationship communication and make you feel extra appreciative of your life partner.

If you’re a bit unfortunate this year, do check out my accompanying list of songs for people unhappy on Valentine’s today. I think it’ll help: linked right here.

Either way, have a wonderful and metalic Valentine’s Day!

-Luke Brooks @luckylukephotos

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