“Count Your Blessings” released to the public last November, just in time to relay the message of the importance of gratitude as we come upon the time of the holidays. The track is produced by both Rita Wilson and GRAMMY-award winning Matt Rollings, with added special guest Vince Gill known for his country music expertise. Wilson is already known well for her work in acting and philanthropy, and has since recieved a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2019. She is the name behind the box office sensation Mamma Mia! and has been praised by multiple media sources nationwide. Examples of titles that have been given to her include “inspiring,” “uplifting,” and “powerful.”

“Every day really is a gift. As long as we are alive, each day offers hope. Every person has endured some kind of hardship. That is a part of life. To be able to see and recognize the blessings that life also brings keeps me centered and grateful. I can tell you I’m extremely thankful for the great Vince Gill whose voice transports me to a place that is physical and spiritual. What an honor to sing with Vince who has been a supporter of my music since he sang on my first album AM/FM. “

~ Rita Wilson

The beginning combination of a soothing piano and violin featured in “Count Your Blessings” immediately paints a picture of warm fires and accompying hot chocolate. The piano, played by producer Matt Rollings, flawlessly carries the vocals of Wilson, and the two sounds join together to produce a sound that is truly unforgettable. Gill takes over vocals just after Wilson, and gives a classic holiday message, saying “count your blessings while you may, for we are here but little time to stay, all around are hearts sincere and true, lovely things abound just waiting for you.” Truly, this track is a soft and welcoming reminder to hold family close, and bring the year to a close with smiles and high spirits.

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