Sound the alarm, Sound the alarm! We’ve found a diamond in the rough. The name is Morgen, and she’s 17-years young. Don’t let that number fool you because this Santa Cruz native is wise and oozing with talent way beyond her years. With a voice of an angel, and music sensibility that of a seasoned artist. She is slowly turning heads and making every bit of us into instant fans. Such is the case with music superstars Elton John, and Zane Lowe who praised her debut single “Odd One Out”.

With a ton of miles still ahead of her, she has started to pave her own path to greatness with her debut EP entitled “Unaccompanied Minor.” (UMNR). Bound to capture our hearts yet again with this effort, this was released last December 3. Which was then made available via every major streaming platform worldwide. Currently dubbed as the “bedroom pop newcomer”, she gets us into a trance with her unique sound. An amalgamation of dreamy ballads, 80’s-tinged Cali pop and everything in between. This EP boasts of 6 gorgeous tracks namely, “Odd One Out.”, “Sweet 16, “Sunsets in Malibu”, “Fine By Me”, “3D”, and “Savor”. 

To label this freshman album as short and sweet is a sin because this is anything but. It’s a journey which paints an intimate portrait of this budding superstar. 2 years in the making, this is a dairy documenting her odyssey in this zany planet called earth. Wherein she encounters tormentors such as trauma, self-pity, uncertainty, and isolation along the way. Not only that, but this is also where she came face to face with long shadows in the hallway called sexuality, relationships and all that teenage BS. Which mind you, she fought with every ounce of her strength.

Rather than let these things take her down, she used UMNR as a form of therapy. From which emerged a stronger and better version of herself. While that may the be case, this isn’t what we call a fairy tale ending rather an expertly crafted epilogue of what is to come. This isn’t her final form so to speak, but this is a step closer to the person she desires to be. 

Image Courtesy of Alex Sovoda

Image Courtesy of Alex Sovoda

As for the songs themselves, they are heartfelt, honest, and hard to ignore. They stab you straight through which is automatically followed by the uttering of such words as “Hey, I relate.”. A telltale sign, that she truly has that gift of storytelling through music. She has the capacity to connect with every human soul out there, even just through sonic waves.

Lyrics such as “Cause I know that life is a constant motion. I won’t stand by. Imma cause commotion.” from her song “Fine by me”. Followed by “I don’t wanna lie saying that I’m fine. I don’t mind the constant talking on the phone. But I’d rather go…”. from her song “3D”. She clearly demonstrates that she has a deep understanding of life. She acknowledges the fact that though it may be filled with rainbows and butterflies. Darkness exists too, and when those days happen you’ve got to stand up and push back. Break that window as hard as you can because at the end comes the light.

Jam packed with all the talent and personality this world could offer, Morgen is set to blaze the world’s stage at this very moment. This wildflower from the concrete jungles of California is truly an experience to behold. She as her song would suggest is the “Odd One Out” which is fine, because that’s how legends are made. 

Image Courtesy of Aidan Schechter

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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