The Insecure Feeling of Romance in LUTZIE’s “I Love You”

LUTZIE has released “I Love You” today, April 22, 2022. Named Lucia Opalka, she is a 19 year old singer, writer, and pianist from Seattle, Washington, where she was twice spotlighted for Up Next, and selected to perform her originals at Beautiful: The Carole King Story. She is now in Scotland continuing to make music, and plans on releasing an EP that is being co-written and co-produced with Andrew Vait.

“‘I Love You’ is the second of a six-song EP entitled One to Believe, which is about the transitional time of my life when I was leaving my childhood, when a lot of things came into focus about the people around me and what I wanted to become. This song in particular comes from the insecure feeling of loving someone and not being sure they feel the same way. When I wrote it I was thinking about how overwhelmed I felt looking into the eyes of someone I loved and the lost feeling I had, wishing I knew what was behind his eyes and how he felt.”

The single can be listened to for the first time ever, uploaded to LUTZIE’s Spotify.

“I Love You” ultimately starts with an enchanting piano and captivating wind instruments, and sets the tone for the vocals that follow perfectly. How LUTZIE carries her voice, how it travels effortlessly to and from different notes with complete elegance, is truly a wonderful experience. The halfway mark introduces a background choir that comes together to shine a light on LUTZIE’s performance even more, and in her performance she pours a significant amount of emotion when asking if the one she loves truly shares similar feelings.

To see more of LUTZIE, she is also found on Instagram.

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