“Put up With” Is Folk Bliss

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Residing in Owen Sound, Ontario, folk singer-songwriter Marshall Veroni clearly has a knack for creating a sound that turns his performances into something intimate and personal, regardless of the size of the audience. With the live performance of his new single “Put Up With,” the artist showcases his ability to craft a perfect song full of heart and Americana.

Put Up With began as an expression of frustration towards others and their actions, but that was quickly interrupted by the epiphany that none of us are perfect. This realization served as an important reminder to look inward. The song then evolved into an admission of imperfection and the importance of self-acceptance for that imperfection.

Marshall Veroni

Often apparent with the folk singer-songwriter genre is how an artist will provide more importance to lyricism than the music or his or her vocal delivery. While the art of poetry is essential to a single, bombarding the arrangement with an assortment of words dishevels the listener’s ear if you don’t have the musical chops to back it up. Thankfully, with Veroni, the artist manages to balance the two art forms together, providing thoughtful imagery, powerful phrasing, and smooth, easy listening with the sheer capability of his band.

Everyone here is funnier than me
They’re watching and laughing as I sit in my seat
Think I’ll just on home
Rather feel that way on my own

“Put Up With”

Though sections such as the musical interludes provide moments for each musician to shine (particularly from the guitarists), for the most part, the band operates and works well when tight-nit as a whole. First carried by Veroni’s excellent strumming and voice, Laura Sones bass leads the way, with Benjamin Fehderau’s drum kit following suit. Captivating a distinctive rich tone, the low end on this live performance is deeply satisfying, complementing Nic Nolet and Brandon Fehderau’s relaxed six-stringed play style. Accents of electric guitar licks can be heard at crucial parts, providing tasteful moments in an already soothing song. Overall brilliant, it is hard to pinpoint one great aspect to this truly immaculate piece of art.

Video Credit: Marshall Veroni Official YouTube Channel

Currently on YouTube right now, you can catch the live performance of “Put Up With” here. For more news, stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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