chloe moriondo Joins mxmtoon for their “rising” Tour for Night Two in San Francisco

On Wednesday, May 18th, chloe moriondo, one of Billboard’s “twenty-one under twenty-one,” joined forces with mxmtoon for a second night in San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom. The tour will be continuing throughout the summer in celebration of the release of mxmtoon’s debut album, “rising”; out now on all listening platforms.

chloe moriondo joined the stage as the audience quieted down to a breath of silence. As they played, the crowd listened carefully to each word, and some voices joined in their every word. chloe met eyes with every person she could with a smile glowing on their face. Vulnerable, raw lyrics punctured through the soft drums, guitar, and vocals that continued to send a wave of calm through the entire venue. A bubbly personality glimmered across the stage as they checked in on the crowd to ensure they were hydrated and encouraged self care throughout their set.

I love it when I can see each one of your faces. If you think I’m looking at you I probably am and I’m sorry if it makes you nervous; I just love seeing you all and think you’re so sweet.

Please take this little moment to ensure you take care of yourself and don’t push yourself too hard.

~ chloe moriondo

mxmtoon: photo by Helana Michelle

mxmtoon shared her excitement for the release of her album as she joined the stage. She was open and vulnerable with her audience and shared her gratitude for “you all, who made this place somewhere my seventeen year-old self would be really happy.” She talked about her gender identity openly and in a manner that showed nothing but thanks for the space she was in where she could be who she always wanted to be.

The night was filled with love in all forms, especially of self love and sharing love with others. chloe continually ensured everyone was taking care of themselves and mxmtoon shared her story with a heart open wide and spread her loving energy through the venue.

Stay tuned for more updates on chloe moriondo and mxmtoon! View the full photo gallery here. Tickets for the remainder of the tour can be found here.

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