Pursuing Those Who Are “Jaded” in Aaron Hines’ Newest Release

In celebration of his 30th birthday, Aaron Hines has released “Jaded” today, June 24th. The song is about the chase and pursuit of beautiful woman who is too scared and hesitant due to her jaded nature, and is unaware of the fact that she deserves love again.

A singer, songwriter, and musician, Hines’ mesmerizing melodies, harmonies an d powerful lyrics penetrate hearts and soothes the ears of those who take the time to listen. He specializes in a unique mix RNB, soul, and pop, and was most recently featured on Season 21 of NBC’s Emmy award winning show The Voice representing Team Kelly. “Jaded” follows the release of his previous debut single, “Maze,” which is a thorough and holistic muse on love describing both the satisfying highs and the bitter lows of romance.

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Beginning with smooth electronic tunes, “Jaded” introduces us to a soft beat that delicately guides audiences through the lyrics and their intended meaning. The song picks up in an excellently seamless transition as Hines calls the one he loves royalty, ensuring to them that they are worthy of an abundance of love. Loving the right way is being “a real one,” as Hines puts it, stating the he is one of the few that has mastered the craft and deserves a chance to do so. In every section, the song provides a unique blend of commercial and rhythmic blues that sets the tone of adoration exactly right. The artistry and knowledge of each of these genres can be clearly seen on how Hines’ combines them, and it deserves your listening ears.

“Jaded” is now available on Spotify and Soundcloud, and more from Aaron Hines can also be found on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to wish him a happy birthday!

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