Badshah, J Balvin & Tiësto Release the Remix of the Summer with “Voodoo”

Get ready for the remix of the summer. Badshah, J Balvin, and Tiësto come together in their latest track “Voodoo (Tiësto Remix)” to deliver a sound that will leave you mesmerized. The original release of “Voodoo” (Badshah, J Balvin, and Tainy) introduced us to the slow, sultry tale of a man who is helplessly trapped under a woman’s spell.

“I’m with this girl, but you’re on my mind

Whether I want it or not, I’m think of you in everything I do

You make me helpless, don’t laugh at me like that

I don’t know what the f**k to do”

Translated lyrics from “Voodoo” by Badshah

“Voodoo” Music Video

The “Voodoo (Tiësto Remix)” sees the song sped up with a heavy addition to the original song’s hypnotic dembow drum beats. Tiësto’s newly remixed choruses build to reveal bigger drops each and every time. The “Voodoo (Tiësto Remix)” is a welcomed addition to the song’s musical universe with its festival-ready sound.

With “Voodoo,” rapper, singer, and producer Badshah is on a mission to bring Desi-pop to a global audience. Putting together a tri-lingual song and making it accessible to speakers of Hindi, English, and Spanish (an audience of listeners that covers about two-thirds of the world’s population) isn’t a bad place to start. A catchy song on the brink of making history is not something to be slept on, so don’t be surprised when you hear this song being played all summer long!

Stream “Voodoo” and the “Voodoo” Tiësto remix! For more music history in the making, news, reviews, and more of your favorite artists make sure to stay tuned with Glasse Factory!

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