Following the end of Poppy’s I Disagree era with a global livestream event, the artist is on to the next chapter in her music journey as she releases her latest single, titled, “Fear of Dying.”

In terms of Poppy’s GRAMMY nomination for best metal performance in track “BLOODMONEY,” her success took her to the stage this March as she performed unreleased track, “EAT,” giving fans teasers of what’s to come. As of now, the song still has yet to be released.

Poppy performs EAT on the GRAMMY’s stage

This Wednesday, May 26th, the artist begins her next chapter in her post-genre journey with a new single, titled “Fear of Dying,” a cover of Jack Off Jill’s track from 2000 album Clear Hearts Grey Flowers. Poppy’s versatile sound blends into a heartfelt rendition of the track, made all the more relevant in the last couple of years.

In December, the artist revealed in interviews that her next album was almost complete. It’s said to have a “completely different sonic vibe” to her previous album. What that means for the next chapter in her sound, we have yet to find out. Poppy also revealed a bit of the process and conceptual elements of the upcoming release:

“About a month ago in L.A., I got my touring band together, and we got to record a new album. It was a process I’d never experienced but knew I always wanted to do. It was very organic…and [together we learned] the songs I wrote in a very confined space and time, about things that are very close to me.

“There’s no mention of quarantine or lockdown or any of those things in the songs,” she added. “I think we all know where we’ve all been for the last nine months. I don’t need to beat people over the head about that – we all know what happened. The songs are just very personal to me – they’re about a span of two years” (1).

Stream the single, “Fear of Dying,” now available on all platforms. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Poppy!

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