Glassetonbury, Vol. 7: Elite Eight

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At the end of two rounds in our seventh Glassetonbury competition, eight songs still remain in the tournament. These songs will continue to match up against each other in this week’s Elite Eight round, with the winners of this round earning a place in our Final Four and a permanent spot in our Glassetonbury: Hall of Fame Spotify playlist. The overall tournament winner will also earn a featured interview on the front page of http://www.glassefactory.com, a live stream/fan Q&A hosted on our IG Live, and more!

Let’s take a look at our bracket so far:

Each matchup below will feature links to the songs, a brief description of each song and artist, and a poll for you to vote on. Voting for this round will close on Saturday, June 5th at 1:00 p.m. CST and is limited to one vote per 24 hours. To prevent botting, we equip all of our polls with CAPTCHA protection, and while this is a necessary step to preserve the integrity of the tournament, sometimes this can lead to problems when people try to vote on multiple polls in one round. To ensure that your votes are properly counted, refresh the page before voting on a new poll, and make sure to click “Vote” again after you pass the CAPTCHA protection. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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True Lies” – Sunniva x Austin Litz vs. “Midwest Dreams” – Distressed Damsels

Sunniva’s “True Lies” has the kind of jam band energy that would make it fall in line nicely alongside artists like PhishGoose, or Twiddle — with the added character of a flute weaving in and out of the song. It defeated “Protector” by Social Media last round. Meanwhile, Distressed Damsels bring a raw, in-your-face style of rock to the table with “Midwest Dreams.” The track features screaming guitars, angsty vocals, and a very mid-2000s feel. It defeated “You Took It All” by REINDIER last round. 


COMPLICATED.” – Arlana x joshua vs. “Staying Quiet” – Day Felice

R&B/neo-soul artist Arlana teams up with producer/keyboardist/rapper extraordinaire joshua to deliver a refined, elevated brand of R&B with heaps of musicianship and technical prowess. It defeated “DROWNING” by Watson last round. Meanwhile, Day Felice’s “Staying Quiet” is a five minute alt-rock epic that demonstrates a chameleon-like ability to change styles, with moments throughout that recall everything from disco to Weezer to Guster to Franz Ferdinand. It defeated “Bad Timing Blue Angel” by James Lockhart Jr. last round.


Heliocentric” – Martyr For Madison vs. “The Enemy” – Lobby Language

Fans of Yellowcard and Taking Back Sunday would thoroughly enjoy “Heliocentric,” a slice of mid-2000s-esque emo/rock from Grand Rapids, MI outfit Martyr For Madison. It defeated “I Wonder” by Tom Joseph last round. Meanwhile, Lobby Language, a rock group out of Nashville, penetrated listeners’ ears in much the same post-grunge way Foo Fighters would. “The Enemy” taps into the self-doubt that plagues us all when we dwell too long in our own minds. It defeated “Own Melody” by Rebecca Conner last round.


Mama Told Me” – Elo Kay Sajan Nauriyal vs. “Expectations” – Joel Ansett

Elo Kay and Sajan Nauriyal’s “Mama Told Me” is an excellent, accessible hip-hop track that feels like what we may have had if Post Malone signed with Dreamville five years ago and came up with rappers like EARTHGANG, J.I.D, and Bas. It defeated “The Garden” by Itsjustinmills and Sez1 last round. Meanwhile, Joel Ansett’s “Expectations” is a downtempo pop song that brings to mind artists like Nick Wilson and Corey Kilgannon. In it, Ansett deploys a tender vocal tone, buttery background vocals, and warm melodic execution. It defeated “Polyester” by Chey Rose last round.


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Made with help from Mike Farwell.

Casey Fitzmaurice currently acts as the Department Head of A&R for Glasse Factory. A December 19
Casey Fitzmaurice currently acts as the Department Head of A&R for Glasse Factory. A December 19

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