Remember when MTV played music? When they had their finger on the pulse of that next big cultural phenomenon? For “Young Mistakes,” singer-songwriter Ben Chandler channels that edgy period.

Tuning into ‘BenTV’ at the start of his video, Chandler takes us in the way-back machine to his youth.

Back when selfies were recorded with poorer picture quality on polaroid cameras and camcorders. When adult entertainment wasn’t so readily available to teenagers because they had to find physical copies of that material.

When entertainment in general was more tangibly tethered. CDs and corresponding cover art were all the rage (and we paid extra for ‘skip-proof’ CD-players). Nintendo 64 was the console of choice (and after an hour, we accepted a game-play pause to blow into the overheated cartridge).

When, continuing that theme of pre-internet domination, we spent significant amounts of free time hanging outside with our friends. Speaking of which, are backyard sleepovers still a thing?

In any case, there were adventures out into the real world where kids experimented and learned from their indiscretions socializing with peers.

As the music-maker suggests, however, those were important moments of self-discovery, necessary to become the adults we’ve evolved into today. With a Jack-Johnson-everything’s-going-to-be-alright vibe, Chandler emphasizes the futility of regretful energy.

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“Young Mistakes” artwork via Warner Music Group

Our existences will have been far more fulfilling if we focuses on living our best lives in the moment. So, even as adults, those frustrating moments when we lose our patience just requires a step back and a deep breath, re-evaluation of the situation from 10,000 feet above. Taking our problem into perspective with the massive ball of activity revolving around Earth.

If today is shaping up to be particularly difficult, lace up those skater shoes (Converse, Vans, all are welcome…) and neon gel-pen a self-affirming tattoo onto your bicep. Do so and your day will get markedly better. It’s proven. They’ve done studies.  

Music video below!

“Young Mistakes” by Ben Chandler

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