As Italians have been quarantined indoors for weeks, a popular challenge has popped in the Italian hip-hop community: to make a freestyle about the COVID-19 outbreak.

While many have been partaking, Sevaram is utilizing his platform to reflect not only on the tragedies the virus has caused this year but also return the spotlight to the passing of Gianni and Kobe Bryant, and more, by releasing a freestyle which is not meant to focus on corona virus as he stated on his Instagram:

“This is not a “corona virus freestyle”; it is a reflection, made in the most direct world I know.
Right now we are all more sensitive, more receptive.
It is an opportunity to expand our consciousness.
I, like everyone else, do not have the answers, but I think it is fundamental for all of us to keep asking ourselves the right questions.”

Which brings us to “Pinocchio” – Sevaram’s latest song which is a surprisingly upbeat and feel good production coming straight out of one of the areas being hit hardest by COVID-19. Sevaram frequently preaches about keeping a positive and calm mentality (often referencing/wishing others “Shanti”) which is proving it’s power through his creations during such a trying time. If you have been looking for something refreshing to enjoy during quarantine, we recommend giving “Pinocchio” a stream (or several)!

Connect with Sevaram:

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