As fans patiently waited for the release of Oliver Tree’s debut album, Ugly is Beautiful, on March 25th, anticipations quickly soured when instead of a release, famed Alien Boy posted an announcement on Instagram.


It breaks my heart to say this, but with the state of the world shutting down, I am unable to release this album anytime in the foreseeable future. To be clear, I still hope to release Ugly is Beautiful at some point in the next five to ten years, however, the infrastructure has crumbled, and it’s impossible for this album release to be what I envisioned. I hope you guys understand.

All remaining final shows have been cancelled, and refunds have been issued. For now, we are forced to shut down this project. I am officially going into retirement. Thank you for being a part of this epic journey. This era of my life was by far the most challenging, but also the most rewarding.

I’m not good at goodbyes, but please know that I love you all! 

Understandably, fans of Oliver are experiencing mixed emotions; all of them strong.

When referring to Oliver Tree, he can not only be identified by his classic bowl cut and flare jeans, but loud and proud statements as a character, trolling fans and haters alike online and in interviews.

His look filled memes and went viral all over the internet, and Oliver was known for clapping back at all of his “haters” with loud statements, and even more, wild characteristics that he showed off proudly in his performances in interviews and onstage.

Two years ago, Oliver Tree started his music career with the hit single “Alien Boy,” which went Certified Gold last month. He celebrated it with a post including a self-portrait of him posing on the toilet, holding it proudly with pants pulled down. The song has 24 million hits and counting. The tune is incredibly catchy and rightfully earned him one of his many titles as the Alien Boy and pro-scooter rider of the internet.

“It was my first music video as ‘Oliver Tree,’ and that EP was the birth of this project…I can’t believe how many people have tattooed this image [Alien Boy EP] on their body, and I still can’t believe how loud people scream the lyrics to this song when we play it all around the world.”

The last interview Oliver promoted on social media was a meditation– “I am a Merman” goes into the mind of Oliver and demonstrates his train of thought, in all the fantastical ways. However, dare I say this could have been a statement leading to his retirement? Silly and seemingly thoughtless, his words are easily taken for granted and brushed aside due to his crude humor and character. This interview was fully and entirely Oliver Tree, the man who became merman, who transcended time and space. If this last meditation was a statement of his exit of the music world, it was a strange one at that. But then again, what isn’t strange about Oliver Tree?

And we wrap back into the retirement statement he made on social media. Fans commented on things such as “say sike,” “we will wait ten years,” and “I’d better see this album on Friday.” 

Could Oliver be actually retiring, or pulling all of our legs with his biggest publicity stunt yet? However long they wait, it seems as if Oliver Tree’s fans will be waiting however long they can until they hear what he has next in-store.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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