OSKA’s Newest Single, “Love You’ve Lost”, is Deeply Personal and Incredibly Beautiful

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Vienna-based indie pop singer and songwriter, OSKA, recently released her newest track, “Love You’ve Lost”, from her upcoming debut EP, Honeymoon Phase. OSKA was born into a family of singers and musicians in a small village in Lower Austria and moved to Vienna when she was 18 to study music and expand her love for it. After working tirelessly to hone her sound, she released her first single, “Distance Universe” earlier this year and was shortly after signed to Nettwerk.

The subject matter of the song is a heavy one – it deals with family, the harder parts of it. The song centers around a child’s devastation watching a parent leave. Over the lightness of the sound production, featuring fingerpicking guitar, an unobtrusive beat, and handclaps, OSKA lends airy vocals that carry a sadness with them. The verses follow the tumultuous journey of having to live with this sort of loss; while the loss isn’t due to something permanent, it was a choice that was made. And having to accept that choice hurts.

This is a very special song to OSKA, from the lyrics to the music video. It’s clear from listening to it that there was a lot of emotion poured into this, which has resulted in something absolutely beautiful, no matter how sad the subject matter is. I hope this process brought her closure.

You can watch the accompanying music video, which features home footage of OSKA and her siblings, below.

OSKA’s debut EP will be out January 8, 2021.

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