On January 21st, Austrian three-piece band Now. put out their most recent single, “Wastin’ Days.” The best way I can describe Now. is: the Austrian Sam Fender (hard plug: check out my review of Fender’s Seventeen Going Under here to understand more of what I’m about to say here). There’s an incredibly infectious melody on this chorus, and the words worm their way into your brain until you listen to the song. Then they get stuck there again, and the cycle continues.

The lyrics are introspective. The sound is bombastic and energetic. The energy is positive despite the somewhat negative places the lyrics go. All of these are hallmarks of Sam Fender, and now Now.. The frontman of Now., singer-songwriter Val (Valentin Bröderbauer), laments the fact that “Everyone else is on track, but I’m just wasting my time, wasting my days,” but it’s hard to argue that putting a track like this together is a waste. 

The only drawback I can possibly see here is that the mix is loud. This isn’t a major distraction on “Wastin’ Days,” though. The loud mix actually pushes the energy forward and brings a sense of urgency to this feeling Val is describing. It might detract for some listeners, but it actually works quite well.

Check out “Wastin’ Days” below, and let us know what you think!

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