The Dreaming released to audiences on December 10th, 2021, and has been a breakout success in the month since then. As for the artists behind the artwork, Monsta X is a South Korean boy group composed of Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney and I.M, and was formed in 2015 by Starship Entertainment. The Dreaming is notably a sequel to their first English album, ALL ABOUT LUV, that brought the group to much bigger heights back in early 2019. Today, Monsta X is preparing for a U.S. headline tour that will begin on January 29, 2022, in which the full schedule of upcoming destinations can be found HERE.

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“One Day” brings an emotional start to the album. The lyrics of the track is sung with a considerable amount of longing as it speaks of missing someone who is just too out of reach, and how painful it is to both remember and try to forget the touch of a person who was once familiar.

“You Problem” bounces to a rhythmic beat while exploring the nature of hesitation in relationships combined with the confliction of wanting to plan ahead, or wanting to simply “get lost in the romance.” Such a predicament can be complicated, as the lines describe, “Heaven’s closer than you think, you can taste it if you drink, but you don’t, no, you don’t.” It delves into uncertainty developed in relationships, and is an interesting listen all in all.

“Tied To Your Body” is euphoric in becoming obsessed with the one that’s truly yours. Monsta X gives an easily understandable example of this with the lines “I send a message, wondering if you’re still awake, then send a few more, I’ve never ever seen myself like this before.” It’s something that we’ve all experienced, falling so deep into someone that they linger in your thoughts at every waking hour.

“Whispers In The Dark” smoothly relays the details of figuring out who someone really is, and discovering that they are a cheater through and though in the process. The track touches on many aspects of this process, including the slow-coming hints, the point of realization, and the disappointment that follows.

“Blame Me” is another track that deals with the missing of someone’s body. It highlights the inability to move on, that even after six months of no communication whatsoever, someone so special can still have a firm grip on thoughts that should be spent focusing on anything else. As the track elaborates on, pain such as this can be like no other in the long run.

“Secrets” expresses the need to not want to know the secrets of your significant other, and to simply love and experience one another through a blank slate. “Ignorance is bliss” is a saying that definitely applies heavily to this track, as the lyrics say, “let’s start from scratch, let’s do this right.”

“About Last Night” focuses on the nights wasted away by a heavy alcohol intake, and the bad decisions that can come from being under the influence. With hints of regret placed into each line, “About Last Night” comes to the harsh conclusion that the influence is an easy way to feel more alive, no matter how blurry or painful it may be.

“Better” speaks of being unable to hide the ugly side of yourself to your loved one, and suffering the consequences because of it. Whether it be less-forgivable actions or pieces of your personality that is troublesome to fix, the guilt that follows is always an extremely hard blow, no matter the person that is being left behind.

“Blow Your Mind” is confident, sexy, and an anthem of knowing what to do when getting the mood just right. From the vocals to the instrumentals, all of it sets up an electric vibe that is truly unique to this track alone.

“The Dreaming” is led by a slow piano and heavenly sung vocals. By far the most thoughtful single, “The Dreaming ” questions the meaning of life itself. It asks “if touching the sky is why we are all reaching, are we missing the point?” It’s an excellent final touch to a magnificent work of art.

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I am a Contributing Journalist at Glasse Factory, and Editing, Writing and Media major at Florida State University. I live in Tallahasee with my bearded dragon, and love a wide range of folk and pop!
I am a Contributing Journalist at Glasse Factory, and Editing, Writing and Media major at Florida State University. I live in Tallahasee with my bearded dragon, and love a wide range of folk and pop!

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