Now Ex Highlights His Vocal Prowess in “Sad Kids in America – Acoustic”

Rising artist Now Ex released “Sad Kids in America – Acoustic” on February 11th, 2022, and has poised himself as someone who will soon explode onto the scene. He has already amassed close to one million streams across seven singles.

Some may not be aware, but Now Ex is the musical pseudonym of singer-songwriter and film director Nick Hampson. Hampson started his EP project, Sad Kids in America, as both an outlet for his songwriting as well as a vehicle for creating music for his own upcoming feature film and TV projects, the most recent of which was nominated for an Emmy award in 2021. His background as a classically trained instrumentalist and opera singer, as well as his raw and poetic lyrics, all combine perfectly with the unique visual side of this project.

As the title suggests, “Sad Kids in America – Acoustic” is a separate version from the original, featuring a more natural production with the piano and vocals in the forefront. The opera style that Hampson carries his voice in is what makes both tracks so uniquely special, but the acoustic version in particular highlights it more than the other. The song itself speaks on different insecurities and being afraid of separation from one you love. He fears that a relationship will not be forever, and it’s a feeling that all of humanity can relate to in a romantic or platonic context.

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