In the oft-overlapping worlds of alternative rock and indie folk, no band currently shines brighter than The Head and the Heart. The Seattle natives have been working seemingly nonstop since they burst on the scene over a decade ago, with television appearances on major talk shows, countless tours across the world and four stellar studio albums. And with the release of their latest single “Tiebreaker,” the anticipation for The Head and the Heart’s upcoming fifth album is at an all-time high.

The Head and the Heart have always been a mix of this and that — a little folk here, a little rock there, a dash of alternative, a pinch of pop. “Tiebreaker” is no exception to their polished, unique sound, with its soaring vocals and lyrics that take the listener on what sounds like a relationship merry-go-round. In fact, the band itself has stated that was the feeling they were aiming for on this track:

“‘Tiebreaker’ is like a carnival ride through a wide variety of characters and relationships: lovers laughing uncontrollably, a married couple bickering, teenagers falling for each other in the moment. It makes you wonder – what do we all have in common?”

Indeed, the song goes through a plethora of stages in a relationship. The track begins with sentiments like, “Hit me with your eyes and we’ll compromise, and / We’ve been tryna fix two people who don’t need fixing.” It quickly moves on to a more intense, mature stage with, “Trust and follow me, put it all on me / I’ll take you places if you just learn to follow me.” And finally, the song repeats its main mantra in the chorus with, “I can’t believe I almost went my whole life / Without you in it.”

It’s a message that perfectly encapsulates what it means to be not just in love, but also alive — trusting and putting your faith in someone so much that it can’t help but make you excited for whatever comes next, so long as it’s experienced with another. Speaking of building up anticipation, The Head and the Heart’s newest album, Every Shade of Blue, will be released on April 29 by Warner Records. Gear up for their next release by listening to their latest single below!

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