Noteaf’s ‘Shift’ Is An Oasis For The Weary

In a few days or so, we finally bid adieu the month of January. Like a rocket flying through hyperspace, it zoomed by right before our eyes at the speed of light. It’s a slap on the wrist for those of us who’ve fallen deep in the pits of procrastination. On the other side of the coin, a siren’s seductive whisper egging to “make the most out of every second” here on earth. Whether interpreted as a blessing or a curse, it’s a constant reminder that time waits for no one (at all).

Despite the haste and the sense of urgency in it’s messaging. The underlying theme here is our need to shift flawlessly from one situation to the next. To seamlessly dance in tune with life’s many steps whilst appreciating it’s unique beauty much like in Ukrainian artist Noteaf’s latest song “Shift”. Released last January 12 via Syntes Records, it’s a short but sweet piece that encapsulates how we should attack every moment in our lives – with calmness and clarity. In its wordlessness, it allows us to hear our innermost selves and come to terms with things that might be bothering us at the moment. In doing so, we in turn can be more responsive with what’s unfolding before us and at the same time take in what’s being taught. After all, life is the best teacher so why not come to class prepared and eager to learn.

A love letter to humanity, Noteaf’s “Shift” is a Lofi hiphop bop that’s pleasant to the senses. It’s beats, instrumentals and flow permeates through the soul. What can aptly be described as a warm hug in a chilly January night. It’s definitely a must add to anyone’s playlist, as well as a perfect way to start and end the day.

Looking for more Noteaf? If so, come on over to his SoundCloud , Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for more awe inspiring content.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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