For German singer-songwriter NINA, it’s always worth revisiting older work to see how it can be reworked for her audience today — a fanbase that has already dubbed her “The Queen of Synthwave.” Indeed, with her haunting vocals and penchant for 80’s-style sounds, NINA’s reworking of her track “I’ll Wait” is a masterclass in taking something great and making it even better. With its new wave edge and dark synth pop sound, “I’ll Wait” is a reworking of the single that NINA created for the 2020 film There’s No Such Thing as Vampires. While that version was looser in rhythm, this version of “I’ll Wait” is reminiscent of a pounding heart with its steady beat, which is what NINA’s producer Radio Wolf says was his intention:

“I wanted to create a sound inspired by a particular visual motif in the film: the dark road trip in the dead of night.”

NINA says she was incredibly excited by the prospect of working on this new version of the song and the chance to go a bit darker than her usual sound. Loving the intensity that Radio Wolf’s instrumental brought, NINA adds that:

“When he called me into the studio to take me through his ideas for creating a different expression of the song, I was hooked right away. He got something new brewing in me … the excitement of performing with a deeper tone and playing with my vocal ‘colour.’”

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