Nicolas McCoppin Releases “Dancing on the Moon” Alongside New Album Drop

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Summer is in full swing and we have no shortage of summer dance anthems, especially since Nicolas McCoppin just released an entire dance-pop album, Loverboy (The Heartthrob Edition). With a mission to create space for himself in pop music, the queer pop star offers a fresh perspective on the timeless genre.

Nicolas comes across as a storyteller, first and foremost, with an incredible gift for creating music unlike anything we’d heard before. Since his official debut in 2019, he has received acclaims from publications and media companies such as VEVO, Spotify, Grindr, Queerty, and many more. He has performed at various venues in New York City, including two sold-out shows at The Bowery Electric and Piano’s NYC. When you take a new generation of young, queer producers and writers and pair them with industry veterans like Bonnie McKee (Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Kesha), the result is a project like Nicolas’s new album, blazing the trail for a new era of pop.

“Dancing on the Moon” is a never before heard release with the album, written by Bonnie McKee. The 80’s pop influences shine bright in the production, but certainly receive some modern twists from the driving electric guitar basslines. The entire production just gives off dancing in the club around a bunce of strangers vibes. It’s funky and edgy while drawing on nostalgia of lost summer nights. The upbeat track receives equally energetic treatment in the gliding vocals. There’s a magnetic power behind Nicolas’s voice paired with the tantalizing vocals. This track as a whole gives listeners the ability to feel like they’re “dancing on the moon.”

You can listen to “Dancing on the Moon” along with the entirety of Loverboy (The Heartthrob Edition) below!

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