Jazzie Young Releases New Music Video for Introspective Single”grown up & grown apart”

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There are a few inevitables that come as we get older – we get more responsibilities, our joints pop more, and we grow apart from people. As we come into ourselves, we learn what we want from life, as well as the people we choose to live it with. Singer/songwriter Jazzie Young released her debut EP, grown up & grown apart produced by Shawn Guess, and more recently released the music video for the title track.

Airy and atmospheric, Jazzie’s music mixes confessional songwriting with the modern hooks of indie-pop. The sound is as unique and richly textured as her backstory. Born in northern California in 1994, Jazzie moved to Hawaii as an infant and began playing classical piano and violin at 3 years old, eventually adding ukulele, recorder, and guitar to the list. She moved to South Carolina as a teenager then began writing songs of her own, laying the foundation for a music career that would eventually bring her back to her West Coast roots. The daughter of Jesse Colin Young (The Youngbloods), Jazzie has proven that she can shine outside of the shadow of her father. Since releasing grown up & grown apart, Jazzie has also released a trilogy of music videos set to intertwine 3 of the songs, and this is the final of those three.

“Grown up & grown apart” is an introspective track that delves into how relationships, romantic or platonic, evolve over time as we mature. As our relationship with ourself changes, so do our relationshisp with those around us. Sometimes we drift apart, and there’s a sense of longing that comes with that – longing for what once was and wondering what would have happened if the drift did not occur. Dainty vocals accompany the nostalgic lyrics and delicate guitar strings.

The visual experience is the perfect companion for the ethereal track. There are scenes reminiscent of what viewers may imagine when thinking back to a fairytale, which is fitting enough given the prevalence of fairytales in childhood. The video is bright, featuring an ample amount of free-flowing dancing, complementing the airy soundscape.

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