Surprising everyone at the end of 2021, ZHU released a new album titled DREAMLAND (DELUXE), which features works that are both new and old. The deluxe album includes two brand new songs – “Coral.PINK (feat Trombone Shorty)” and “Mannequins And Egos,” and five previously released tracks that were not included on the original album. 

Ever since 2020, the year of no performances, has come and gone, 2021 saw itself to be a year of constant sold out shows for acclaimed artist ZHU. He is known for rewards such as a Best Dance Recording nomination at the 2014 GRAMMY Awards for his breakout hit “Faded,” and GENERATIONWHY, his debut album, topping Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart and landing on the Billboard 200. It can be said, however, that no matter how much success ZHU claims year after year, he has stuck to the firm belief of keeping a goal of always looking forward, and continue to strive for even better accomplishments.

“Came For The Low” features partywithray, and is all about vibes and satisfying instrumentals. Every pitch is organized together in such a way to create an experience of bliss. Overall, this song alone and its versatility gives the whole album a truly unique flare.

“Z-Train” starts off with a futuristic sound, like your in a spaceship about to head off on your first otherworldly adventure. There are no lyrics in “Z-Train,” but sound effects produced by vocals are delicately placed throughout the track, and it improves the listening experience of it immensely.

“Risky Business” holds only one message, and that is to “risk it all.” In collaboration with Mathame, “Risky Business” is coated in a thick and delicious badass flavor. For sure, this is the song to be played when taking over the world.

“Desire – Single Edit” adds Bob Moses into fray, and holds a more airy and softer feel than the other songs that were added. The track reiterates the desire of wanting to be free, as is stated in the chorus, “don’t want your desire, I just wanna be free.”

“Mannequins And Egos” is one of the brand new singles featured in the deluxe album, and brings the genre of dance to the next level. It focuses on the fact that a big ego can’t get you everything, and that you need more to be truly successful in life.

“I Admit It” holds the crown of the most listened to song of the album on Spotify, and rightfully so. In a vibe-filled three minute song length, ZHU admits to many of the things he finds pleasure in, whether that be “marijuana, sex, bodies, Louis V, Gucci, Prada.”

“Coral.PINK” is the second newest single, and with Trombone Shorty, they tell a tale of a continuous search in satisfying a thirst. With the beautiful addition of a classic trumpet, it would be a shame for this one to be skipped over.

Of course, these are only the newest editions. The entirety of DREAMLAND (DELUXE) is a massive 19 song and one hour long journey; it deserves your full attention. All of DREAMLAND (DELUXE) can be found here:

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