corook Announces Debut EP, Releases “degree”

Big news! On February 11th, “self-described ‘singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and huge fuckin dork’” corook (AKA Corinne Savage) announced her debut EP, achoo!, due out March 4th! To go along with the EP announcement, corook has released her latest single, “degree.” A “comedic take on the college experience,” “degree” is full of pounding bass, trap hi-hats, and simple keyboards to recreate that party experience corook details throughout the song’s lyrics. After all, she “went to college for the party,” and walked out with two degrees.

“degree” Single Artwork

“degree,” in its humorous approach, also acknowledges the debt that most young adults are saddled with while trying to become famous and also be full-fledged adults. There are also a couple of skits throughout the song, seeing corook interview herself for a job and also play the role of her father making a concerned phone call. While the idea of the cynical college graduate has been tackled many times before, corook’s spin on it is genuinely very heartfelt and pretty funny.  The harmony on the word “homeless” in the line “but I’m worked sick it won’t happen before you’re homeless” is gorgeous and the perfect accentuation of a word that is often considered negative.

The best moment on the track, though, is the bridge. corook uses the repetition of the different levels of debt she’s reaching to bring back the concept of being homeless. Why is this the best moment? Because it’s a callback to that harmony, and that, along with corook’s different vocal performances, is what gives this song its power. The vocals are quirky in all the right ways, the instrumental brings to mind a college party, and corook’s lyrics perfectly encapsulate the dread new college graduates feel with their crippling debt.

Starting on February 10th, corook hit the road with K. Flay on the latter’s “Inside Voices Outside Voices” Tour! Featuring stops in corook’s current home of Nashville, Chicago, New York, Boise, and L.A., the tour will see the “queer alt-pop artist” trek around practically every corner of the country. Check out the full list of dates here and snag some tickets!

corook is absolutely one to watch, and I’m excited to see what the achoo! EP will have on it. Check out “degree” below, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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