New Single, “Almost”, from Devan with Corey Harper

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Happy Friday! If you’re looking for a beautiful song to start your weekend, then I have a great new suggestion for you, even if the lyrics are slightly heartbreaking. But that’s what we’re all into these days, right – heartbreakingly beautiful music? I know I am.

“Almost” is the latest single from Devan, a singer/songwriter who makes up 1/4th of the band Wild Rivers, a folk-pop band that boasts over 140 million global streams and sells out arenas across North America. She was born in Toronto and raised in London, and her transatlantic childhood experience has helped her grow as an artist from wildly diverse influences.

She has spent the last 6 years honing her voice with the band and is now gearing up to release her first solo project. Her first single, “Real Shot”, was written from the perspective of someone looking back on an old relationship and wondering about the “what-ifs.” She continues to explore relationships in “Almost”, but from a very different perspective of someone still in a relationship…yet feeling like they’re not able to fully commit.

She enlists the talent of LA-based musician Corey Harper, whose meticulous approach to pop music is both personal and invitingly universal. Together, the duo create beautiful dual melodies over a light and airy percussive beat. And while the backdrop might be pretty and make you sway a little bit, the lyrics are just slightly heartwrenching and unfortunately, a very raw part of relationships – loving someone, but not being able to fully love them because part of you is always going to remain guarded. But even though you may have doubts and questions, you could never see yourself walking away because the heartbreak of seeing them with someone else would be more difficult.

“Almost” brings to light a part of relationships that isn’t romantic, and really it’s just sad, but it’s also real and reflective of relationships. Devan and Corey have done an amazing job in bringing experiences into the life of the lyrics. It almost sounds like it should be a love ballad, but it’s just missing that 10%.

You can stream it and listen to it below.

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