Toronto-based musician, Gwendolyn Lewis, now known to the world as DYLYN, may have once been a minor pop star with top 10 dance hits on U.S. Billboard charts, but after being unhappy as “dubstep diva” named Guinevere, she ditched the persona, brushed the dust off of her guitar, and started rocking-out again, just as she did when she began her music journey.


“Rock and roll is not the easy way, but it’s a freeing way, and it’s the way I want to live my life,” says DYLYN. Growing up listening to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and more, she found her home in rock music again after losing her way. She started out her new sound with EP, Sauvignon and Kimono. Six months after its release, “Secret,” an autobiographical account of a child witnessing her parents’ divorce, took off– and now has over 100 million streams worldwide.

Her new sound really came to fruition after meeting Colin Monroe (Kendrick Lamar, Lights), where she delved into her roots again. She admits that after spending so much time struggling to be herself, she gained confidence after first working with her producers and decided to focus about the art, and less about what other people think about it.

This Friday, DYLN releases her latest single, “Let You,” encompassing the experience of rollercoaster of emotions when first falling for someone. Easy to relate to, its explosive beat fills the ears with smooth guitar, keys, and sultry vocals.

“I know it ain’t safe/I know it is a dark and twisted game/I know you’ll light me up in flames but I let you…” sings DYLYN in the first verse. Those first moments of loving someone is equally as frightening as it is intoxicating; fear of being ripped apart, falling so hard with nothing to catch you from the pain.

Paired with the new single, the “Let You” music video depicts DYLN robbing a business with a man as she sings, wearing fishnets and Dr. Martens, and getting away in a vintage car, but giving us old-western and horror vibes with cowboy hats, green screen scenery, fake blood, and Bonnie and Clyde passion.

“Let You” follows the April release of emotionally raw “Something to Lose,” and July drop of “Call Me What You Want,” all to be released with the upcoming 2021 EP, Make It Naked.

“There is truth in where you started, and then you veer off the road and come back to it and then really find it. That’s cultivating your sound the hard way. Now I’m writing the stuff that makes the most sense to me.”

Stream DYLYN’s music on Soundcloud:

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