A heartbroken adolescent began writing songs, which has spiraled into the Khatya we hear today: a musical platform to tell stories of reality. About a year ago, Khatya’s first single, “So Damn Easy,” was released, and she decided to begin working on her next musical project. “Two Faced” came next, and today she released “You & Your Poison.” With this new single, it sounds like Khatya has found her voice a bit more, with an R&B-electro sound, she takes a new shape on the sound portion of her craft.


This song tells the story of an unhealthy, one-way relationship, and finding truth in your worth. The feeling of pulling your heart out to help someone, who continues to selfishly use others, all comes through the pop singer’s plus-sized, sensational vocals. Delicate in delivering the message of knowing when it is time to move on, Khatya’s soft voice sounds so innocent in the chorus. “I’m just not in this with you, you said you’ve got nothing to lose. But you do, and I do, ’cause somehow I couldn’t give up on you, you and your poison,” followed by smooth-structured cooing. Khatya consoles herself through the pain, taking the first step towards a growing self-respect.

“You & Your Poison” was written from an honest perspective, in the midst of experience, with two writers she trusts. Madison Fields and Scott Ogilvy assisted the pop singer in the process of writing “You & Your Poison,” as well as Ogilvy being the producer. Khatya mentioned in a Glasse interview, that the support from these two trusted people, confirmed her feeling of the track’s completion and ready for release. “You & Your Poison” was carefully created from raw emotion, and will keep you singing along long after the track is finished.

Listen to Khatya’s new single, “You & Your Poison;” Available on all streaming services now!

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