September 23rd evening brought a mixture of different post-metal genres to one of the most popular music venues in Copenhagen – Vega. Deafheaven representing blackgaze, was supported by melodic hardcore Touche Amore and hardcore punk Portrayal of Guilt.

Texans from Portrayal of Guilt were the first to get along with the fans. To be honest, it was the only band his evening I have not heard before, therefore I have shown up in the venue quite early to not miss it. Band presented a nice mixture of energetic, aggressive hardcore music with elements of industrial drumming. Their style and the show were warmly welcomed by the crowd.

Next in line was the first co-headliner of the evening – Touche Amore. After an amazing performance at Roskilde Festival last year band led by charismatic Jeremy Bolm has taken over the stage and they did it with a bang. Jeremy was doing his best – jumping into the crowd, singing with the fans and inviting fans in front of the microphone. The whole set lasted for around one hour and the band managed to present over 20 songs within this time. Taking into consideration intensity and the energy provided in this time it was totally enough. Touche Amore left fans all sweaty and thirsty, making club really warmed up before the main act of the night.

Deafheaven entered the stage shortly after 10PM and the party started again. I was among the people who expected the crowd to be a bit tired after jumping and moshing like crazy during the first two performances – how wrong I was. The moment when George Clarke grabbed the microphone stand the sweaty crowd started their dance again to the first notes of ‘Honeycomb’ followed by ‘Canary Yellow’. The second part of the show started with ‘Black Brick’ – a fresh and aggressive single released by the band earlier this year. The whole set was closed with something most fans were waiting for ‘Dream House’ from beloved ‘Sunbather’ album and return to more melancholic sound. After that, the evening was wrapped and fans started to slowly abandon the venue.


Coverage by Kasper Pasinski

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