At just 16 years old, Detroit’s Caleb Peters is sprinting after his goals, and it shows. Having released his first tracks in February of 2019, this young artist has consistently popped out new tunes over the past year. On May 1st, Peters released new single “Carousel,” followed by the music video release on May 10th. Featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist just last week, it’s time we give “Carousel” the recognition it deserves.


The electronic pop song begins with a steady pulse, before Peters’ tuned vocals begin the cycle with a circling question, “Why we never do? Well, the thoughts are never parallel // Things you asked of me, never doing it yourself…” The track thickens as sounds and vocals are layered upon it, and the video reflects a similar pattern. Various scenic images flash across the screen, creating a sense of repetition or almost dejavu.

The camera flashes past windows, as though the person filming is spinning. As visuals spin, lyrics tell the ever-so familiar story of lovers circling around the cycle of miscommunication. Thematic spinning is reflecting in all aspects of the song and music video. The rhythm repeats as the vocals build, mimicking the pattern of a funfair carousel. The sound mirrors lyrical content, and is then accompanied by visual circles; Peters provides a joyous, simple listening and experience.


About halfway through the song, “Carousel” slows down the pattern, before picking up the rhythmic pace. As the sound quickens, the vocals almost sound as though they are faded in the distance. The repetition and rhyming pattern remains consistent throughout the track, even as the pace is quickened. In the music video, frames flash across Peters singing and dancing in different outfits. This almost implies the repetition of pattern, amplifying the track as a whole.

Caleb Peters shows bright talent in thematic structure, lyrical and sonic buildup. He’s a perfect example of the saying ‘consistency is key.’ The time spent on perfecting his creations have paid off. Caleb Peters is an artist to keep an eye on, his consistently will prevail a growing audience soon enough. Find the artist on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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