Hailee Steinfeld’s New EP May Be Half Written, But It’s A Powerful Story

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Hailee-1588279618Hailee’s Steinfeld just released her second EP Half Written Story. It’s a compelling collection of five tracks that take you deep into the trenches of heartbreak and growing stronger from it. Love is a timeless muse for songwriting, but Steinfeld was truly able to take her own spin on it that stands out from the rest. From her own personal experiences she was specific and incredibly vulnerable in every single track, taking us on the journey with her of all the pain that comes with toxic love and pulling yourself out of the ashes of heartbreak. with catchy and creative ways to express her story.

The EP is full of catchy and creative ways to express her story. The third track “End This (L.O.V.E.)” is a spin off of the jazzy Nat King Cole track that everybody knows, “L-O-V-E.” Instead of being mushy gushy like in the original, Steinfeld utilizes the acronym to call out her ex… “L is for the way you lied to me / O is I’m the only one who sees / That V is so vindictive, so I’ll be vicious / and E: ending this L-O-V-E-Love.” They way the song builds, in volume and instrumentation, is really very cool and fresh.

Steinfeld shows the variety and grit she brings to the table as a pop artist through the diversity within her EP. “Your Name Hurts” has a waltz pattern, she raps the verses in “Man Up,” and she strips down to a piano ballad in “Wrong Direction,” all the while sticking to her truth in a cohesive way and pulling the heartstrings with her powerful lyrics.

Half Written Story is the first part of a two-piece project, which will be completed by an upcoming third EP, to be released this summer. This is the first time Steinfeld has put out a full collection of songs since her EP HAIZ in 2016. It’s definitely a refreshing thing to hear more of her empowering anthems. “Love Yourself” from HAIZ caught a lot of attention, and I predict her newer songs will take off similarly. We’ve currently got “End This (L-O-V-E)” in the #1 slot on our Nü Qü playlist because I can’t get enough of this EP!


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