Myles Jéh Reflects on “Excuses” in a Past Relationship

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Myles Jéh (pronounced Jay) is a charismatic and captivating singer/rapper who can guarantee an entertaining performance. He was born in Springfield, MA, started off performing at local open mic nights, and quickly became known for his low tone. His story-telling lyrics and smooth approach to bass-filled beats create a dynamic sound that will take you on a ride.

A few performance highlights include performing on BET Network’s 106 & Park, opening up for Shamarr Allen & The Underdawgs, and Kirstin Maldonado of Pentatonix. Prior to COVID-19, he could be seen performing at festivals, Pride events, and collaborating with public school districts to encourage the youth to participate in performing arts.

Myles has one album and several singles under his belt. “Excuses” is his latest single, an R&B and hip-hop infused track about making excuses while in a relationship. The song starts off with shimmering guitar strums and luminous vocals. As Myles begins to sing the introductory hook in a velvety smooth voice, the guitar strums continue but more percussive elements are also introduced to establish a steady rhythm.

With the established rhythm, Myles showcases his fluidity as a singer by launching into a deep-toned, melodic rap verse. When the hook comes around again, it’s much more layered this time, allowing Myles to further showcase his vocal talents by displaying multiple audible ranges. Throughout the song, he sings about how the excuses he made in a past relationship because he was scared of fully committing, ended up ruining it. He realizes that every time he has a good thing, he ends up repeating this pattern. As he moves through these lyrics, he masterfully and effortlessly switches between the melodic and hip-hop genres with his prowess over his vocal control.

Myles’s motto is “Always Up To Something” and if “Excuses” is any indication of where his musical career will go, then I can guarantee he will be up to something good, so come along for the ride.

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