Daimy Lotus Tells Her Fight with Depression in “Focus”

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Dutch singer/songwriter, Daimy Lotus, has been involved with music since early childhood. Even at just five years old, she could be found performing at the yearly cultural market in her hometown as a singer and dancer. She decided to pursue a career in songwriting in 2009. At 18, she released her debut EP, titled 15, which included her first single “Saturday Girl” and follow-up single “Cannonball,” which got her acknowledged by Dutch radiostation 3FM. After 3FM named her Serious Talent, other radio stations followed along and she has since played many festivals and completed a Dutch tour through 20 different cities.

After several years of writing songs and performing them for her solo project, she began to write for other artists as well, starting in 2017. She has worked with a variety of songwriters, producers, and artists in- and outside the country. Now, age 24, she continues to work on solo material and has 5 singles scheduled for 2021.

“Focus” is her second single this year. She sings about overcoming depression and hopes to inspire and help others by telling her story. Over a guitar-laced bassline, Daimy offers her steadfast and unwavering vocals. The instrumental picks up more electronic and percussive elements as the song ebbs into the chorus, balancing the strengthening vocals. The pace quickens as Daimy sings about how she’s made progress against the monster that is depression. Vocalizations carry a portion of the song towards the end, before her final verse. Throughout the song, she feels the inward pull of depression, acknowledging the hole that exists, even at the very end. But she also acknowledges the progress that she’s made, and how she won’t give up.

Depression is a really ugly mental illness. It can turn the people you love and care for into strangers, into shells of themselves. Talking about mental health is also still so difficult, because not everyone understands it and it can be heartbreaking when someone just doesn’t get it. So I applaud Daimy for not only figuring out how to combat her depression but also for using her platform as an artist to share her story and spread her message in such a meaningful way.

You can watch the studio video below.

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