Moving On Is Never Easy In Acid Amora’s ‘On Replay’

To replay something is a part of the human condition. Whether accomplished through the brain or technology, it’s us going back to the well of memories. The happy, sad, gory, or the in between. We engage in these to relive the sights, sounds and emotions attached to it. In a way, it’s an innate time traveling technique that’s accessible to all.

The strong urge to replay is intensely felt in Sydney band Acid Amora with their latest song ‘On Replay’. Released May 18th in all major streaming platforms worldwide. ‘On Replay’ is a track that revisits an unfortunate event in someone’s journey. Infused with a deliriously heaping dose of regret. It’s a person stuck processing everything even after things have taken place.

Image Courtesy Of Acid Amora

With vocals so sweet and angsty combined with intoxicating instrumentals from start to finish. Acid Amora brings to the forefront a reality regarding our inner demons. How they poke and prod at us constantly specially when we’re the most vulnerable. Always on speaker mode, shouting in unison “what have you done?” and “you shouldn’t have done that? Now look at you!”. Resulting in questioning who we are as individuals, our decision making skills and a chance at a better future. If only we could bargain with Chronos to take us back and replay that fateful day. Heck, if a redo was a possibility then we would opt for that instead.

Acid Amora’s ‘On Replay’ despite being enrobed in sorrow is also a cause for us to pause. To stop and think about our past, how it relates to our today and tomorrow. Sure, clamoring for replays are normal, but the more we seek it just means we aren’t content with the present. Perhaps it’s a sign to drop the replays and work on the now for a change.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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