Primavera Sound Barcelona is Soon – Who To See and Unofficial Playlist!

Primavera Sound Barcelona is right around the corner and this lineup is truly a multi-genre one for the ages. I’ve been to several multi-genre festivals in the US, but this is on a whole other level and I had a blast listening through the lineup to discover new artists. There is truly something for everyone here and with music spread across 12 stages, there will be little room for conflict and that means all the more time for fun memories will be made! If you’re like me and were overwhelmed when you initially saw the massive lineup, then here’s a good post for you. Here are an unofficial playlist and 6 recommendations of must-see artists, and, surprise, they’re actually not all electronic artists! I do recommend catching that electronic brunch on Sunday, though, because that entire lineup is *chef’s kiss.*

Four Tet, Fred Again.., and Skrillex

It may just be because of the music circles I’m in, but I think this trio has been one of the hottest acts in the past few months and the most talked-about act from Coachella, with many memes emerging, particularly of Four Tet. While all individual acts are within the electronic space, each of them comes from their own unique background and that’s what makes this trio so spectacular and such a bucket list set. They cover so many different genres and they’re known for playing long sets that take their crowd on a whirlwind journey. Whether you’re deep in the electronic wormhole like I am or just want to have a good time, these three guys definitely will tickle parts of your brain that will have you seeking more. At Primavera Sound, they are all playing separate sets (big sad), but I’m really hoping they at least do one b2b because it just makes sense!


This super duo, consisting of Anderson.Paak and Knwledge, recently returned from a 6-year hiatus, which means Primavera Sound attendees will be one of the first to see this act on their new tour. Each a legend of his own making, they are two of the major figures that rose out of the Los Angeles music community in the early 2010s and garnered much success and attention in the funk and hip-hop scenes. When they first united and signed with Stone Throw Records, that marked Anderson.Paak’s first-ever record contract, so this return for a new album collaboration represents a full-circle moment that has been a long-time in the making. The forthcoming album, and this set, will be a good blend of both artists’ individual styles – Anderson.Paak’s more diverse style and Knwledge’s more streamlined approach – creating something that is more cohesive but also incredibly fresh.

Folamour (A/V set)

If you must know one thing about me, it is that I am a big-time convert to the house music scene. I love the energy that the artists and crowds bring and I genuinely don’t think you can leave a house set without a full heart, which is why I’m so excited for Folamour. Coming from a diverse musical background, formally trained on drums, bass, guitar, and percussion, Folamour has been involved in projects that range from pop to jazz. That rich musicianship makes his distinct sonic outputs – underlaid with classic house, funk, and disco tones – romantic, poetic, and emotionally lasting. I love the live instruments and silky vocals he incorporates into some of his songs, as well as the euphoric feeling that accompanies each of his tunes. You will 100% find me dancing in the crowd during this set – I’m not one to pass up on a chance for good vibes!

Hudson Mohawke

One of the most unique producers of this age, Hudson Mohawke openly distrusts convention, and that distrust grounds itself in his music. He constantly experiments with genre boundaries and creates tracks that sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. There may be a sound here and there that strikes a part of your brain to remind you of something else, but the production takes so many twists and turns that you’re constantly on the proverbial edge of your seat, awaiting what is next. While he focuses his work in the realm of electronic music, he has also worked with hip-hop and R&B artists like Ye (formerly Kanye West), Drake, Lil Wayne, and Miguel. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what sort of journey Hudson Mohawke decides to take us on during his set because I know it will be endlessly memorable.

Sudan Archives

Sudan Archives is an innovator in the R&B space, combining left-field strains of R&B, hip-hop, and experimental electronic music with hypnotic string loops and the fiddling style of West Africa, particularly Sudan. She is boldly proud of her Black feminine identity and power, interlacing her projects with her personal life and taking on topics that are close to her heart. Her music is joyful and sultry in all the right ways, with some tracks in her discography lending themselves towards thumping nightclub nights and others for a candlelit self-care bathtub night. Her lush soundscapes and addictive beats very well complement her bright vocals to create fun tracks that are danceable and catchy, and I just know her outfit is going to be so beautiful.

Arlo Parks

If you’re looking for vivid songwriting and lyrical genius, you’ll find it among the emotive jams and luminous vocals of Arlo Parks. Having written in some form throughout her entire life – from short stories to spoken word poetry – Arlo now incorporates her many poetic influences into her songwriting. Her songs tell stories that are accompanied by the smooth sounds of hip-hop and the energy of rock that she frequently listens to. There is an undeniably relatable coolness to her tunes that commands so much of our attention with the way she explores themes that are common among the younger generations. I know her energy on stage is going to be so palpable and I’m really looking forward to seeing how her crowd responds.

That’s it for this post! Primavera Sound Barcelona is fast approaching, so make sure you check out who to see where and find more information on the website for how the festival will operate. I’m beyond excited to see so many new artists!

Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!
Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!

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