This week, celebrating the holidays in glamor and fashion, Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret presented the opening weekend of a special performance, featuring Musical Director Brendan Getzell, Frankie Ficticious, Aerialist Maia, Katya Smirnoff, and the Shadow Circus Creature Theater.

Hailing in the historic Alcazar Theatre in San Francisco, wreaths and glitter decorated the stage as Brendan began the night with a number of his own. Mourning his losses throughout the year, including a car break-in from local thieves and separation from his wife, he wishes for a Christmas miracle under the spotlight.

Lo and behold, Candysprinkles, played by Kat Robichaud, appeared in a whirlwind of sparkle to offer just that. Together, they performed Christmas originals and classics in attempts to brighten his spirits, and shared favorite traditions, from sweet things and presents to heartwarming Christmas films.

Frankie Ficticious glided onstage for a sultry burlesque performance to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” The 2019 Miss Exotic World held to her title in a display of fantastical flexibility and seductive energy. Following, guest Katya Smirnoff showcased her impressive range of vocals to a tongue-in-cheek Soviet rendition of “Santa Baby” that made the audience roar with laughter.

Candysprinkles and Brendan were then interrupted by the gremlins, masterfully created by the Shadow Circus Creature Theater. These creatures may have started out cute as Candysprinkles had found them, but as they grew, so did their sense of mischief and desire to ruin the meaning of Christmas. They were chased offstage, and the gremlins met their demise.

In an effort to raise the spirits of Brendan again, Candysprinkles shared details behind George Lucas’s Star Wars Christmas special from the seventies. Aerialist Maia appeared as she glided along the silks for her number in a wild array of spins and binds. In the end, all it took was just one last song, a heartfelt duet performed by both Brendan and Kat, to raise his Christmas spirits to their highest.

There is one more week of the Very Merry Misfit Cabaret special! Get your tickets here, and stream the songs of their very own creation, available now on all streaming platforms.

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