Folks, it’s time to mark your calendars and set those reminders! Something exciting is coming, and no it’s not Santa Claus just yet. This one’s from the Nashville indie pop quartet named Arlie, who will be releasing their new single and official music video “Crashing down” this December 14. This is a follow up effort from their 2018 “Wait” EP, which captured the imaginations of fans everywhere. Not one to stop, they’ve since then toured with acts such as Rostam, Mt Joy, and COIN. To add to this already colorful and delightful list, this quintet also played in festivals such as Bonnaroo + Forecastle and sold-out stages with likes of Nashville’s revered Mercy Lounge. 

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At the moment, they are in the transit with their “Crashing down tour” which runs for 5 dates. This is one for the books because this is a DIY event playing in unconventional spaces such as houses, skate parks and galleries. This kicked off last December 9th in Birmingham, Alabama at The Upstairs at Avondale with Zoo Culture. The next day, December 10th the headed for Memphis, Tennessee at Society Skate Park.  December 11th, they gave Atlanta, Georgia a night to remember in a red light cafe show with Soup kink and the corduroy blue. On December 13th, they stay out in Georgia but this time in Athens at the Flicker Theater with Goodhost. The following day December 14th, they head home for their “Crashing down” single release party at Sometimes Collective with Eli Marks plus and a dance group affiliated with contemporary group “New dialect” . To cap it all off, there will be another show with the venue still TBD. At the background of all of this, they too are gearing up for their upcoming album release sometime next year. 

With all these going on, this group from Nashville is set to skyrocket and rock our brains with their supreme talent. They’re bursting to the seams with personality and limitless potential. No one stands in their way, only a legion of fans clamoring and screaming for more! More! More!

For a state like Nashville, a place known for its exquisite music and uber talented act. Arlie stands out because of that blast from the past feel going on for them. Their songs though original give off that sense of familiarity which is just so irresistible. It feels like home and the longer you linger it just keeps getting better. The same can be said with the band’s persona which is fun, quirky, and creative reminiscent of those glorious bands in the 80’s and 90’s. The videos they dish out follow suit, the colors, attire, textures, and all. They’re undoubtedly rad without even trying hard to do so.  The old-world charm they emanate is as closest to time traveling as we could get without the aid of modern technology. 

For a generation who aims to move forward and yet lusts after the vintage, Arlie is a dream come true. They’re that magic bus ride ready to take us back to memory lane when things in the present go awry. A warm hug that reminds that better and brighter things are in the horizon if only life wasn’t taken as serious. 

With that, kudos is in order here. Keep making Nashville proud!

For news, announcements, and all things Arlie, go ahead and visit their official site here

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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