Melpo Mene Shares A Beautiful Collaboration with Russian Red, a new single “All Of This Is True”

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Los Angeles based Melpo Mene brings us a new single “All Of This Is True,” featuring gorgeous, sensual vocals by Russian Red. Their two vocals blend so well together, and the syncopated percussion fills the song up perfectly behind warm strings, lush guitar sounds and sweet melodies. A whimsical soundscape takes you through an atmospheric, almost therapeutic, experience.

This collaboration with Russian Red and Melpo, offering sensitive vocals and a driving indie rock sound, is like the lovechild of Silversun Pickups and Of Monsters and Men. In this tune Melpo shares introspective thoughts about the cyclicality of life; he ponders the age-old question, “Am I diferent?” Sharing lyrics, “All of our feelings having been felt countless times by the people before us / While we take ourselves quite seriously, should I give my rose to Bob or Billy?” Melpo acknowledges that we are all made up of exactly what everyone was before us, and encourages finding comfort in this.

Melpo Mene is originally from Stockholm and left his native Sweden in 2013 for a trans-Atlantic voyage to LA, where he swapped out the cocoon of his home studio for the fascinating sprawl of LA. Full of strange new perspectives and grappling critical viewpoints of the ego, he shares what keeps us alive and engaged in the world.

Fun fact: Melpomene was one of the nine muses in Greek mythology (goddesses of music, song and dance), specifically named Muse of Tragedy and derived from the Greek verb melpomai, meaning “to celebrate with dance and song.” Melpo Mene definitely embodies this essence in his heartfelt and vulnerable music.

“We’ve added “All Of This Is True” to our Glasse Rocks playlist, but you can listen to it on all streaming platforms!

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