Acclaimed artist/producer Ben Chandler has released his eagerly awaited EP Transitions– available now HERE. The project, written by Ben and co-produced with Mike Freesh (Oliver Tree), is highlighted by the brand-new track “Let You Go.”

Ben’s unique, multi-faceted sound was born of countless teenager hours spent in his Pittsburgh, PA bedroom, experimenting with guitar, drums, and piano. In 2015, he moved to Naples, FL where he quickly made friends among the city’s thriving music scene, including such like-minded artists as Dominic Fike. Ben quickly made a name as a gifted producing, recording early demos with Fike, Nate Traveller, and others. He further proved himself a remarkable artist in his own right, blending the musicality of classic rock idols like The Beatles, Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix with the DIY ethos of Tyler the Creator and Odd Future as well as the effortlessly cool vibes of Omar Apollo and close friends like Fike and contradash.

Transitions includes previously released singles, “Stoned,” “Addicted 2 U,” “Red Line,” and “Strawberry Candy.” The 5-track project is an impressive string of genre-blurring singles, showcasing Ben’s versatility and feel-good sound. Reflecting on the work, Ben shared,

Transitions has been a collection of songs from 2019 and early 2020. I’m always trying to progress with my music, and the process of this project has honestly been a huge learning experience and stepping stone for me as an artist. It feels like my first transitioning phase into becoming the artist I’ve wanted to be.

Photo by Carlos Moreno

“Strawberry Candy” is the lead single, starting everything off with a beachy chill vibe that’s reminiscent of “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles. The sparkly synths and Ben’s dulcet tones combine into a sonic nirvana. Delicate guitar strums create a tender undercurrent for the gentle and soothing vocals that are paired with equally sweet lyrics. The flowing lyrics explore the very beginning of a blossoming relationship, when you’re completely entranced by them but still aren’t sure where it may lead. The delicate guitar flows into the next track, “Red Line.” The tempo picks up with more percussion beats and smooth guitar riffs to create a danceable atmosphere. Ben carries his appealing vocal tones through the accelerated verses. The sweet lyrics this time follow the progression of the relationship when you begin to realize all of the little things about them that you love. All of those little things build into something that’s all encompassing – a love that you didn’t really expect from the beginning but are more than happy for.

“Addicted 2 U” starts with quick guitar plucks and kicking drum beats. The tone takes a more introspective turn from the previous songs. While Ben still pines over the person he’s in love with, the love has turned into an addiction, hence the song title. It’s still an upbeat song, but it’s shifted to something that carries a hint of wistfulness. The song fades away into “Stoned” and here we really hear a notable difference from the previous songs. It starts off with melancholic sounding strings before transitioning into a drum-driven beat and a guitar line that’s more careful and calculated, rather than carefree. His voice sounds more dejected as the lyrics reveal the stressors in the relationship. He’s staying stoned because he doesn’t want to acknowledge that the relationship is unraveling.

We’ve reached the final song and the end of the road for this relationship. The instrumental production is still built the same, but this is definitely more of a slow jam which is revealing of the stage of the relationship we are witnessing. It has a more stripped down production while still carrying through all of the instrumental elements we’ve heard in the previous tracks. The sentimental lyrics and tone reflect the struggle of having to walk away from a relationship you originally were so engulfed in, but have now realized that it’s just not healthy and you just have to let go for both of your sakes.

This 5-track piece is really so thoughtfully produced. The production of each song is unique to the titles, which are reflective of the stage of the relationship the lyrics are addressing, but there is still a consistent sense of sound that ties together the entire work. This results in a captivating journey for listeners who are entranced by the storyline while also enthused by the sonic experience. With a run-time of a little over 15 minutes, this is makes for a lovely morning album while you’re getting your coffee started.

Ben is currently hard at work creating more new music, with future releases slated for later this year, so be sure to keep up with him on social media to see when more releases are coming.

Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!
Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!

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