NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Melanie Martinez Releases “Fire Drill”

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Featured in the credits of the K-12 film, “Fire Drill” has at last been released to the public as a new single. The twisted pop musical was well-received by critics and fans alike, but the song was not initially featured in the concept album. Still available to watch for free on YouTube, the movie has over fifty eight million views.

Since the beginning of quarantine, Melanie Martinez has admitted to be working on not only an EP following B-Side tracks from her second concept album, but her third studio album and visuals for her second movie. “Fire Drill,” is the first single to be released for the EP, with more rumored to follow throughout the summer.

Fully Melanie Martinez, “Fire Drill,” is all bubblegum pop in sound and twisted and raw in substance, opening up the hard-to-talk-about-topics of finding self love, fighting back against bullying, and battling to find meaningful relationships with others. 

In her music, Melanie created a character named Cry Baby to open up about dark subjects with a lilting, captivating voice, nostalgic sound effects of childhood, and a deep base. Her first album, Cry Baby, introduces her fans to the character and her environment of upbringing.

The second album, K-12, was carefully kept a secret until the film‘s release, giving the music perfectly intertwined visuals and story about growing up in a corrupted society made for individuals forced to fit into a box. Melanie again played as Cry Baby as she struggled to break the boundaries she and her outcast friends didn’t fit into; “Fire Drill” is the perfect sequel, wrapping up the entire story into a few short minutes. The song states that it’s okay not to fit in, no matter what you are told to be in this messed up society.

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