“Like I Do,” is the fifth single to be released on Slaves’s fourth digital album, To Better Days. Beautifully simple, we get a highlight on the voice of new vocalist, Matt McAndrew. The band’s new sound has been received with an overwhelming amount of support by fans. It was a thrill to witness the band’s debut on tour with a fresh lineup, seeing the members absolutely rock the stage of the Holy Diver in Sacramento.

As each single has been trickled out, anticipations continue to heighten to hear more from this band. “Like I Do,” is no exception. Starting with the vocalist on acoustic guitar, the band then breaks down into a heavier beat with electronic elements and heavy drums. Emotional, lyrically, the tune is easy to hum to and I can see it being a hit onstage as fans will scream along to the lyrics with tears in their eyes and rock fists raised high.

The highly anticipated album will be fully released this August. To make matters more exciting, after major changes in the band’s lineup in 2019, this Thursday, Slaves has announced a true end to their previous chapter as a band by announcing on social media that they will be changing their name.

It shows a band’s true growth in this case, coming from a former band member’s history with substance abuse, but all the same, though fans have remained supportive of all the changes this band has been through, they also agreed it was time for a band name change, to fully wash their hands of the past, and to become more sensitive to the times we face today. Here is what the band wrote on social media, and it was met with a lot of support.

slaves announcement

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