Vocalist of legendary grunge group Screaming Trees – Mark Lanegan – is currently touring across Europe with his latest project, The Mark Lanegan Band. The show in Copenhagen took place in Amager Bio and featured an opening punk band called The Membranes as a supporting act, which I have unfortunately missed due to the metro breakdown. When I finally managed to get to the club the venue was filled in more than a half and everyone was already waiting for the main act.

The whole performance was not super energetic and visually exciting but that was to be expected taking into consideration the type of music Mark Lanegan is performing. He and the band entered the stage in almost complete darkness, and this did not change much during the full performance. Lanegan was standing in a single beam of the blue light (it has changed for short moments to red light later during the show) for the rest of the evening.

The warmer part was coming from the speakers when his characteristic vocals were reaching the fans. Music played by Mark Lanegan has this powerful lyrical part, so the crowd was simply staring into the vocalist and soaking up his characteristic cold, sharp voice.

Even though the show was generally static, it was easy to enjoy its melancholic charm. I  joined the crowd and stayed there staring at the stage and listening to the music with my beer in hand until, after a two-song encore, Mark Lanegan and the band finished the performance.


  • Kasper Pasinski
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