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Have you ever joined the back of a queue and thought to yourself, “you know what, I’m so glad I’m in this queue and I’d rather spend the extra twenty minutes, stood in the cold, moving slowly towards the entrance.” No, neither have I. Never have, never will.

I’m happy sitting in the pub around the corner, keeping an eye on the time, knowing I’ll get in the venue eventually and probably find a good enough spot to see the concert from.

But then I’m not 18 anymore. I’m at an age where it’s acceptable to moan about the slightest of misdemeanors. My pint of beer not having froth on top, or the kid on the train that wouldn’t sit still for a moment, scratching away at the last moment of solitude I have, before I descend on a room full of sweat, screams and noise.

I’m slowly beginning to understand why they came so early and if anything, it reminds me of a time when I was so eager to see an artist I had waited weeks, if not months to see.

Enter the fray, Dominic Harrison AKA, Yungblud. Making a few waves currently across the pond in the states right now due to his collaborations with artists including, Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons) and Halsey, he struts onto the stage in a mist of smoke and the sight of his silhouette is welcomed with huge cheers and screams from the sold out venue.

“Alight everyone? Are you ready to have a good fuckin’ time”, roars the young, flamboyant entertainer.

He swings the crowd from side to side like a high tempo tennis match and I’m straining my neck just keeping up with his movement on stage.

‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me?’ rumbles and rips through the venue. This is one of the hit songs that started the journey for Yungblud and made him into such a huge success with a young and uncompromising audience. The hardcore fans, dressed head to toe in Yungblud merchandise and make up and i’m feeling like the only person in the room not wearing black mascara.

I’ll pass. I’m happy rocking my ‘Super cool daddy’ t-shirt and observing from the sidelines. A spot I’ve become more accustomed to in recent years and I’m happy to watch the show unravel from here.

Yungblud plays through a reasonably long set, with tunes including ‘Ice Cream Man’ and ‘Kill Somebody’ and finishing up with fan favorites, ‘Hope For The Underrated Youth’ and ‘Machine Gun’.

Hi lyrics give hope to the younger audience and you can sense he’s building an army of followers that are not scared to speak out about who they are or what they want to be. It’s clearly evident Yungblud takes pride in his position of power and has the platform to educate his followers and promote his brand to a new generation.

Overall, an energetic and exuberant performance once more from the eccentric performer and it will have left fans of the music, entertained and satisfied. Perhaps the queue will be a little longer each time he steps back into the city.

Support band, Saint PHNX did their best to rouse the crowd with a heartfelt and inspired showing from the UK act.

I was unfamiliar with the artist before the show, but they did enough with their powerful indie pop hooks and movement on stage, to suggest the screams and applause from the crowd were genuine and concise.

Another act marooned in the mass pile of hopefulness but with glimmers to suggest there is hope for them and the crowd were happy to prove this. Let’s hope they build an army of their own.

It gets tough out there on the frontline.


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  • Jerry C. Badem
    3 years ago Reply

    Great pics and write up. Made me want to know more about these bands… Hello. GOOGLE, my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again…

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