Maisie Peters Navigates Heartbreak in “Lost the Breakup”

Relationships are hard, but Maisie Peters shows that breakups are harder. In “Lost the Breakup,” the singer goes through a roller coaster of emotions as she deals with the aftermath of a romance.

The song starts off with a realistic and heartbroken tone. Peters looks back through the history, of her relationship, claims she saw the end coming and opts to find closure. 

So, I’m feeling and I’m dealing

With the heart you broke

While you do press-ups and repress us

And take off her clothes

– “Lost the Breakup”

She then quickly transitions to confidence (self-love too, maybe) that she will be forever remembered. Her lover will never get over her, conclusively “losing” the breakup. Yet, it’s not too long before Maisie Peters returns to feeling lost and alone. 

All the while, the singer is making her way through Tokyo and narrating straight to the camera. She rolls her eyes at excessive PDA, or sometimes witnesses fights of passing couples, and she cannot appear more over it. With the saturated color and graininess, the video almost becomes a diary entry to her ex.

Closure is, at last, found though, and she has become certain she has won. How the tables have turned. Maisie Peters has come to enjoy her own company, and she celebrates by thrifting and dancing with strangers.

I just love this song and I believe in its power for good and I can’t wait to scream to it on tour and rooms of people [around] the world feeling and dealing and healing.

– Maisie Peters

There is a witty and honest way in which she captures these emotions. She’s right. There is a lot of back and forth, regret and satisfaction, confidence and self-contempt. In the music video, this is expressed in motion and color, creating this wavering between still and moving, cold and warm.

Maisie Peters clearly has a way for words, turning her personal stories into relatable songs. Completely self-taught, the artist practiced songwriting and learned guitar. Years later, Peters has become a wildly talented soloist. Today, a small demo on social media is capable of getting fans excited and demanding a full release.

Her listeners will be thrilled to hear that The Good Witch will be released this summer as a complete album. Her singles, like “Body Better” have already gained immense popularity, creating anticipation for the new tracklist. Maisie Peters soon begins the tour, The Good Witch Comes to North America, with iconic venues and sold-out shows on the schedule.

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Veronica Yoo Author
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